ATSsim Suite provides web-based tools that create interactive emergency response training to meet DoD and DHS requirements and ensure readiness. The suite prepares organizations to confront the full spectrum of hazards and threats. It provides crisis planning and response training in simulated environments with progressive options, controls, and complexity.

The suite consists of several ATS tools, including Verity, Fusion and Compass. These tools provide experienced personnel the capability to test processes and procedures, evaluate plans, and assess decision-making during emergencies.


Experience and knowledge-based services to the U.S. Department of Defense to support readiness and operational effectiveness through live, virtual and constructive simulation-enhanced exercises, training services and program management.

Homeland Security

Training solutions for federal, state, and municipal homeland security organizations to train and evaluate personnel and improve effective emergency response.


Readiness and compliance capabilities for staff, management, and executives to ensure business continuity, emergency response and resilient operational readiness for utilities, schools, municipalities, and hospitals.

Awareness. Preparedness. Readiness.

ATS creates effective operations-based exercises and training solutions that support the identification and recognition of risk, and the awareness of how to identify, train and handle crises.

ATS Experience creates low-risk/high value scenarios, derived from customized training exercise blueprints, and delivered at a pace of activity that challenges the participants, while maintaining the integrity and high value of the exercise.

ATS Solutions combine knowledge, experience, and subject matter expertise, supported by our advanced technology platform, to create realistic training exercise capabilities to improve your organization's training effectiveness and outcomes.

Experience. Solutions. Training.

ATS is a leader in training and exercise simulations and simulation technology for emergency response and military training to develop skills to handle natural and man-made emergency situations as well as a full spectrum of defense related operations.

ATS collaborates with clients to design organizational specific training to meet the unique requirements for a dynamic approach to emergency preparedness and defense operations. Our approach replicates client personnel, infrastructure, and assets.

ATS is proud of the relationships that are created as a result of its exercise training capabilities, and it continues to support the ongoing interactions between participants, organizations and agencies.