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ATS believes that the hub of an organization’s success lies in the knowledge created by an individual. ATS delivers this success with our technology, training and services. The combination of and an organization’s ability and effort to train its teams in emergency preparedness will reduce risk and create understanding of how resilient it can be in potential emergency events.


The training exercise simulator with custom developed, client specific training scenarios.


A fully scalable, live, constructive simulation training environment.


The authoring capability that creates exercises scripts and custom incidents and events.

ATSsim Suite

ATSsim Suite is a suite of interactive, web-based applications and modules targeting training and emergency preparedness. It is used by commercial, government, and military organizations to prepare for a wide range of natural and man-made emergencies:

  • MSEL Tool – Master Scenario Event List
    • MSEL Tool is the exercise blueprint, consisting of messages – or injects – that stimulate the exercise and test the objective of the exercise.
    • Solution Scenario Library supports the creation of plans, customized scenarios and exercises
    • Supports Exercise Planning
  • CMST - Consequence Management Staff Trainer
    • CMST delivers customized, realistic scenarios and interactions to maximize knowledge transfer and sustainment of response fundamentals
    • Provide testing and evaluation of trainee’s decision-making processes
    • Ability to create multi-day, multi-shift, multi-unit, multi-jurisdiction exercises, with round-the-clock accessibility and availability from any location and any device
    • Supports Exercise Delivery and Facilitation
  • Analytics – After Action Review and Reports (AARR) + Solution Scenario Library
    • After Action Review and Reports (AARR) provide comprehensive analysis of the exercise activities and present opportunities for improved learner and administrative experiences.
    • Solution Scenario Library is the repository of all simulations scenarios, MSEL, and AARR data and can be used to support the creation of new exercises

ATSsim Suite creates a realistic, personalized and dynamic training experience, and with analytics capabilities in After Action Reviews and Reporting, delivers a vastly improved training and learning experience.

The dynamic capabilities within ATSsim Suite allows information to be actively shared, and provides the ability to deliver insights to what is being learned, what is still to learn, and what gaps remain.

Consequence Management Staff Trainer

CMST offers customizable training scenarios, testing and improving trainees’ decision-making processes with an increased level of realism. Users can progressively expand the scope of the training exercises to multi-shift or even multi-day sessions to meet time and information constraints.

CMST is a low risk/high value training aid, with round-the-clock accessibility, availability from anywhere, providing the most realistic training available. It reduces training times, and thereby reduces costs with seamless functionality. CMST is an effective platform for civilian and government organizations needing to improve their emergency training capabilities and increase staff readiness across entire units and organizations.

CMST focuses on strategic, operational, and tactical level procedures and supports the training and exercising of decision making by individuals at all levels, as well as management team decisions.

CMST is an interactive, web-based exercise platform, used to prepare for a variety of natural and man-made emergency situations.

CMST re-creates emergency scenarios to offer participants the opportunity to practice responding to the scenarios.

CMST can be applied in a group exercise, either as an individual or part of a staff or organization team in a simulated multi-dimensional scenario.

Emergency & Disaster Management Simulation

A fully scalable, live, constructive simulation training environment.

EDMSIM is an interactive, electronic tabletop training solution for emergency response and crisis rehearsal training. EDMSIM is designed specifically for emergency management staff, emergency operations centers and civil leadership.

It is a highly flexible and adaptable tool, which allows teams to improve communications, validate contingency plans and procedures and perform better in an active and realistic training environment.

EDMSIM is an element of the ATS Solution delivered to US Northern Command, US Army, US National Guard, Centers for Disease Control and NATO for the conduct of training exercises.

EDMSIM exercises are scalable so that training can be conducted at a local, regional or higher level. All agencies responding to an event can be modelled.

ATS Gateway

ATS Gateway dynamically simulates a variety of mission command systems and common operational picture tools by extracting data from EDMSIM.

MSEL Tool tracks the delivery of the messages as they occur. It displays this information within a graphical timeline, which allows exercise observer/facilitators to view and assess staff efficiency by observing and analyzing responses to the injects.

ATS Gateway creates an effective exercise environment by delivering what command centers would actually see, ranging from vehicles with friendly force tracking devices, to individual responders with personal tracking devices. Data analytics and extraction is completed with common operating picture files similar to Google Earth or JVMF messages for military command systems.

Master Scenario Event List Tool

MSEL creates and defines the unique scenario elements and events and delivers these events into a training exercise. It is the exercise blueprint, consisting of messages – or, injects – designed to test exercise objectives.

MSEL Tool tracks the delivery of the messages as they occur. It displays this information within a graphical timeline, which allows exercise observer/facilitators to view and assess staff efficiency by observing and analyzing responses to the injects.

The creation of this “live” environment is critical to an effective development of awareness, support preparation and readiness of response for the participants.

MSEL Tool allows collaborative training exercise design from multiple, distributed locations and subsequent delivery of defined MSEL inject information during an actual exercise.

MSEL tool supports the Homeland Security Exercise Evaluation Program (HSEEP) methodology.

ATSsim User Community

ATSsim Community is the community forum that supports ATSsim Suite. This forum allows users to interact, share, and receive updates from ATS regarding the development of features and functionality of ATS products, including CMST and MSEL, AARR and SSL, and other exciting product development news.

The community platform presents current product information and answers to questions about the suite of tools. It supports the discussion of ideas regarding product development and innovation.

The user community can contribute to the development of the ATSsim Suite by posting comments, ideas and questions. ATS seeks this input to create a collaborative environment amongst ATSsim users, product owners, developers and clients. The exchange of information regarding features, functionality, product development and product updates will benefit the entire community.