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Our solutions include:

  • Exercise Design
  • Exercise Planning
  • Scenario Development
  • Exercise Facilitation and Delivery
  • Analytics
  • Technical Support
  • Software Design and Development

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ATS is confident that we can support your requirements for training and learning outcomes for emergency preparedness.

Let's discuss how ATS Solutions and Experience can address your approach to risk management, preparedness, and business continuity.

  • What risks does your organization face?
  • How does your organization consider training to identify potential impacts to business continuity?
  • How aware, prepared and ready to address risk and response is your organization?
  • How resilient is your organizations to any external risk?
  • How important is safety to your organization?
  • Do you have risk mitigation team that assesses risk?
  • How do your risk teams use training of staff to identify and prepare for risks?
  • How can your teams apply high-value/low-risk technology to support training and staff development?

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