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Jeffrey Lovell, July 2024 ATS Employee Spotlight

This month, we would like to recognize Jeffrey Lovell as Applied Training Solutions’ July Employee Spotlight. Jeff is the Exercise Design and Control Lead with the Installation Management Command Provost Marshall and Protection office.

In support to U.S. Army Garrison Command, he, and the team he works with begin approximately 12 months out to design complex and dynamic Full-Scale exercises that include hybrid threats to test and stress USAG’s reactions and responses. This ensures they are trained and ready for any real-world threats that may occur.

Prior to working at ATS, Jeff served 27 years as an active-duty chemical officer with five deployments spanning more than 48 months deployed. During his service, he did three years in the J33/J36 Current and Space & Integrated Air Missile Defense section at the Pentagon, as well as serving in the National Joint Operations and Intelligence Center.

When he is not working, Jeff is a husband and father to three daughters. He says they are the one thing he cannot live without. Jeff also enjoys working out, staying in shape, and playing Ultimate Frisbee.

On an interesting note, Jeff said one thing his coworkers would be surprised to learn is that he was reported as deceased while going through Special Forces Selection and Assessment.

“After a 108.5-degree temperature, my command reported losing a Captain at the time as they air MEDEVAC’d me away,” he said. (Glad you pulled through Jeff!)

One of the things he loves about his job at ATS is building the intelligence pre-injects for the exercises to include real-world installation partners, such as the FBI or local law enforcement.

When talking about his impression of ATS and the work we do, he said, “The biggest take away has been working with people who have become more knowledgeable about the Garrison’s plans, programs, and procedures than the installations staffs. Our work is very instrumental in helping the USAG understand and see itself and all its gaps and seams.”

If Jeff could learn to do anything, he would learn to heal people and be a doctor. He defines success as how many people he can help.

Great Job, Jeff and thank you for all your hard work and dedication to our country, it’s military, and especially our company!

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