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ATS Reimagines Classic Art in AI Design Challenge at Pittsburgh Tech Fest

ATS Technical Services division staff, Schawn Thropp, Jake Feliciani and Nick Feliciani, attended the 2023 Pittsburgh Technical Fest last Friday.  It was a great experience to meet, collaborate, and connect with technical professionals in the Great Pittsburgh area.

ATS submitted 2 entries into the Pittsburgh Tech Fest TopCrowd challenge “Reimagine the Classics using AI”.  The challenge was focused on picking a classic piece of Art and using your choice of an AI image generation tool, apply your creative vision and transform the classic works of art. 

We used our AI expertise in MidJourney to reimagine 2 pieces of art:  Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night and Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa.

Our Van Gogh’s Starry Night took second place! We played with the term “night” and worked with Mid Journey to create a “Starry Knight” and transformed Van Gogh’s masterpiece

It was an awesome experience to compete in this challenge and use our creativity and AI technical skills to create these images.

Click links below to view submitted designs:

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