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ATS leads Domestic Terrorism Training Exercise

ATS recently led an exercise at Carlisle Barracks in Pennsylvania. They were the main organizers and provided planning, design, support, and simulation services. The exercise tested how well the installation could handle a man-made disaster with casualties and how well they could work with local agencies during the response and recovery, while still ensuring safety and community strength.

The exercise began with a simulated explosion caused by a domestic terrorist’s vehicle bomb in the post exchange parking lot. This caused significant damage, including to buildings and an electrical substation, leading to power outages at times. The exercise challenged the Barracks’ ability to gather and manage information from various sources and work together during emergencies. It also gave them a chance to practice their emergency operations, incident command, security measures, and communication with other organizations.

ATS’s Design Team planned and developed the exercise during the year leading up to the exercise. They used different tools to achieve a realistic training scenario, like simulating social media posts and pictures of damage to structures which allowed the Barracks to successfully test their plans and procedures.

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