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ATS supports Region VI Homeland Response Force SYCTE Exercise

SAINT ALBANS, WV – From July 19 – 24, Applied Training Solutions, LLC (ATS), supported the Region V Homeland Response Force (HRF) Sustainment Year Collective Training Event (SYCTE) exercise from Saint Albans, West Virginia.  The exercise provided participants with an opportunity to review response and recovery protocols, plans, and capabilities, as well as the opportunity to realistically assess their overall preparedness in the event of a chemical, biological and/or radiological attack consistent with real world situations in 2022. Orders and requirements from civil authorities to plan a rapid and focused National Guard response were also reviewed. Participants included the Region VI HRF and their organic Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear (CBRN) Task Force, as well as their Casualty Assistance Support Element (CASE). Part of the training audience also worked out of Camp Swift, Texas.

The scenario was based around multiple radiation and blister agent-based attacks in the Oklahoma City, Oklahoma area.  The Texas HRF conducted staff analysis, planning, and execution all while refining operational drills and standard operating procedures during the exercise to improve overall effectiveness of the organization.  The client was to respond to the 2 contaminants with detection, decontamination, and casualty and fatality assistance.

ATS supported the TX HRF with the development of the overall scenario and the injects, which helped train staff-level officers and non-commissioned officers on potential responses to chemical, biological, and nuclear attacks within FEMA Region VI. ATS also provided technical assistance to observers/controllers and to role-players for Higher Control and Lower Control capabilities as well as down-trace units and elements controlled by the TX HRF.

The outcome of the event overall was positive, and unit was able to utilize this time to work on best practices and procedures.  The TX HRF and their organic elements are better prepared to respond to natural and/or man-made disasters in the future.

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