The ATS Story

Applied Training Solutions (ATS) is a national leader in management and staff training and innovative technology solutions that create awareness, preparedness and readiness for teams in emergency situations.

Our Values

We are focused on achieving extraordinary results in the experience derived and delivered from training exercises created and delivered specifically for national defense, military and business continuity requirements.

Our Approach

To ensure the confidence of continuity and compliance to create awareness, preparedness and readiness in any workplace environment.

Our Tools

Web-based modeling technology delivers constructive training exercise simulations with custom-designed scenarios for training and preparation.

Our Approach

What We Will Do For You

Over the past decade, ATS has expanded its influence from its first military training capabilities to include National Guard and Homeland Security exercises.

Our solutions address the entire emergency readiness life cycle, to address preparation, mitigation, response, and recovery.

ATS continues to expand its services and technology solutions to meet the training guidelines, regulations and requirements of our clients, including requirements for regulatory and corporate reporting requirements.

Our next expansion takes our emergency response training exercises and technical solutions to commercial business continuity planning, specifically in education, energy, infrastructure and utilities.

Our Values

Trust. Respect. Leadership.

ATS believes that leadership is only one aspect of what has made our company successful – we are a team focused organization. We are successful as a team and we celebrate our achievements as a team.

The value of our team is reflected in the understanding that trust, respect and leadership is required to respond to emergency situations.

Our solutions create awareness, preparedness and readiness that result in our clients being able to make important decisions in a time of crisis.

Our Tools

Solutions Supported by an Expert Team

Our training solutions are established in military training exercises where we have delivered over 200 exercises.

Our training and technology and training event planning supports staff and personnel in issues related to emergency response, specifically weather or man-made events – including weather, evacuations, and active shooter scenarios - and reporting requirements to ensure business continuity and organizational readiness.

Local, state, and federal agencies, as well as a broad range of emergency management staff in a variety of sectors and industries rely on ATS Solutions to improve emergency response, communications, refine contingency plans and procedures, and enhance performance.

Our History

  • 2009

    Applied Training Solutions, LLC (ATS) was founded in February 2009. The formation of ATS was a culmination of experts in the field working together for years to address shortcomings in American civil defense capabilities. Once ATS was formed, it immediately began achieving its objective in working with US Army North (ARNORTH) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

  • 2010

    ATS signed a subcontract agreement with Benchmark International Inc. to support the National Guard Bureau J8 branch in Arlington, Virginia for simulation experimentation. As a member of Northrup Grumman Corporation's winning team, ATS also began work on the Mission Command Training Support Program (MCTSP) at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas and Camp Atterbury, Indiana.

  • 2011

    ATS signed a new contract with US ArmyNorth (ARNORTH) for simulation support to the General Staff Level office for Training and Exercises (G7). This contract extended ATS presence to Fort Sam Houston through 2014. As a member of LTS winning team, ATS also began work on the Combined Arms Center (CAC) Omnibus contract at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas.

  • 2012

    As a member of Northrup Grumman Corporation’s winning team, ATS was awarded work on the Mission Command Training Center (MCTC) at Fort Hood and Fort Bliss, Texas.

  • 2013

    ATS received the Northrop Grumman Corporation Small Business of the Year award.

  • 2014

    ATS won a sole source award contract from NORTHCOM to provide EDMSIM simulation capabilities in support of the ongoing CBRNE Response Enterprise exercise program. Joint Task Force – Civil Support joined the NORTHCOM contract specifically to gain access to EDMSIM for their Command Post Exercise training programs. ATS was awarded a sole source contract from NORTHCOM for the accreditation of EDMSIM and Gateway software so they could run on Government networks (DoD Information Assurance Certification and Accreditation Process (DIACAP)).

  • 2015

    EDMISM is used to support a Table Top Exercise (TTX) for Joint Task Force – Civil Support, providing new levels of operational enhancements to the command. ATS won its first support contract for "Role Players" to support the Ohio Homeland Response Force Exercise Evaluation contract. ATS launched its commercial sales program, offering the advantages of its expertise and technology to the commercial sector.

  • 2016

    Creation and incorporation of ATS Evolution to support the creation of technology solutions for ATS and its clients

  • 2017

    ATS release ATSsim Suite Version 1.0

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