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ATSsim used during VIGILANT GUARD-AL

Applied Training Solutions, LLC provided support to VIGILANT GUARD – Alabama, April 29 through May 2. This exercise supported the Alabama National Guard – Joint Force Headquarters (JFHQ) and utilized both ATSsim Training and ATSsim Media.

The purpose of this exercise was to assess existing state-wide emergency plans with a focus on synchronizing emergency response efforts with regional assets while leveraging and strengthening civilian and military relationships.

ATSsim Training is a simulated training environment platform, allowing realistic and scalable disaster response training. This cloud-based training tool enabled the JFHQ to test and validate their plans with real-time results, while showing obstacles they would face in a real emergency or disaster.

ATSsim Media was used to recreate the information environment during a crisis. This cloud-based, password-protected training platform was used to test and validate the Public Affairs team, Information Awareness and Assessment operations, and provide critical exercise information to the training audience during execution. ATS’ media simulation cell created hundreds of pieces of content including news stories, TV news, radio injects, and social media posts to create a realistic information environment for the exercise participants.

“This exercise enabled the Alabama National Guard to better respond to a catastrophic event,” said Maj. Brandon Sanders, the Chief of the Domestic Operations section with the Alabama National Guard. “It strengthened our partnerships with the state and local communities. At the end of the exercise, each element involved learned lessons on how to improve domestic operations responses.”

It was observed that the Alabama National Guard’s planning team was engaged and enthusiastic about the exercise from the very first planning meeting. The NG unit worked closely with U.S. Northern Command and ATS subject matter experts to design and execute a training event that truly tested and validated their training objectives in a realistic way. 

As a leader in emergency preparedness training and readiness, ATS continues to actively work to deliver innovative, experience-based disaster-preparedness exercise solutions for local, state, and federal agencies to protect communities. Preparation for disasters helps reduce panic and possible loss of life. Utilizing simulation helps these units prepare for managing multiple units during a real-life event.

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