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ATS supports disaster response exercise ORBIT COMET 2024

In January, members of Applied Training Solutions provided support to the Orbit Comet Full Scale Exercise 2024 held at Fort Liberty, North Carolina. This FSE supported U.S. Army Garrison at Fort Liberty and Installation Management Command training and capabilities.

The purpose of the exercise was to test and evaluate the installation’s ability to identify, respond and recover from a man-made external threat, which caused mass casualties and fatalities.  This exercise also tested the installation’s ability to coordinate with local agencies during response and recovery efforts, while continuing to provide Mission Assurance and community resilience to the installation.

ATS was the Prime Contractor and led this exercise by providing exercise planning, design, control, support, simulation services, and simulation cell management.  ATS’ dedication, technology and services permitted the members of USAG Fort Liberty to train on IMCOM core capabilities, which supported the testing of their three primary training objectives.

ATS personnel were able to simulate intelligence messaging, the production of simulated social media, the production of simulated pictures to paint a realistic picture for first responders and led and supported White Cell execution. This provided a realistic representation of events which enhanced the execution of the exercise design, allowing the installation to effectively test their plans, policies, and procedures.

ATS continues to actively work to deliver innovative, experience-based exercise solutions for local, state, and federal agencies to protect communities.  Preparation for disasters helps reduce panic and possible loss of life.  Utilizing simulation helps these units prepare for managing multiple units during a real-life event.

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