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Johnston IA – In early august ATS led an exercise in Johnston, IA. ATS was responsible for simulating the tactical and media environments for the exercise. By using ATSsim Training, a constructive sim that replicates on-ground movement of military assets, and ATSsim Media, a media and social media emulation platform, ATS was able to provide unmatched realism to the training exercise.

The purpose of the exercise was to test and validate the Iowa National Guard’s decision-making process during a crisis. In this exercise, the scenario dealt with multiple tornadoes and a weather phenomenon called a derecho. The weather events caused subsequent flooding, infrastructure damage and other issues. The Iowa National Guard was responsible for the planning and execution of route-clearing missions, search and rescue operations and other disaster response efforts. The exercise was used to test and validate the National Guard’s ability to respond to the disaster.

The exercise was a tremendous success!  The IANG worked closely with ATS subject matter experts to design and execute a training event that truly tested and validated their training objectives in a realistic way.  Numerous areas were identified where the state and National Guard performed very well and where they need to focus some additional training efforts.

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