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August Employee Spotlight – Jean Newman-O’Neill

ATS Employee Spotlight: Jean Newman-O’Neill!
Jean has been working with ATS for 10 years and was initially brought on to run and create scenarios using Virtual Battle Space 2 (VBS3). She’s always enjoyed obtaining satellite imagery to manipulate and create an environment for VBS3’s virtual 1st person 3rd person scenarios within the game. However, now that ATS has moved away from the VBS3 system, She has transitioned to being a modeling and simulation engineer. She also assists with the Unreal program when the need arises. As a Modeling and simulations engineer, Jean assists with the building and running of exercise scenarios and with training soldiers.
Outside of work, Jean loves spending time at home with her grandkids, husband and pets. Jean also has a home photography studio where she unwinds while working on photography projects. When asked what superpower she would have to make her life easier she said, “I think it would be to have the ability to take a nap at any time, even if you are engaged in a conversa-“ …Jean?…Jean!
Thank you Jean for all your hard work, dedication and support here at ATS
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