Our Values

We are focused on achieving extraordinary results in the experience derived, the experience delivered and the outcomes achieved from our training solutions.

Our Approach

We are creating sector-leading training solutions that support the confidence of business continuity and compliance of operating procedures and training exercises creating awareness, preparedness and readiness in any environment.

Our Experience

We strive to deliver the most current and relevant training solutions to achieve the desired outcomes, using web-based modeling technology and custom-designed scenarios, with the focused attention and commitment expected to deliver effective compliance and continuity training exercises and effective learning outcomes.

Why ATS for Defense?

ATS is a national leader in management, staff training and innovative technology solutions that create awareness, preparedness and readiness for units, teams and individuals across the entire spectrum of defense related operations.

Defense Services


Our solutions are developed and integrated in military training exercises, where we have annually trained US Army personnel in each of the past ten years.

ATS has supported military training and technology integration using Army mission command systems and continues to provide operational support to military training centers.

Our value is the experience derived and delivered from training exercises created and delivered specifically for military and national defense requirements. Our approach has been delivered to more than 150,000 Department of Defense participants.

Our Approach

What We Will Do For You

Specific Delivery and Training Capabilities include:

  • Exercise design, modeling and combat skills training support for:
    • STAFFEX, CPX and Warfighter Exercises
    • Digital Master Gunner
    • Land Navigation and Mounted Maneuver Training
  • Individual, leader and collective training through corps echelons
  • Operation training on all mission command systems and Collective Mission Command
  • Outsourcing / staffing for training and exercise design
  • Kinetic and Non-kinetic effects modeling
  • After Action Review (AAR) system development
  • Network and technical support for:
    • Missions Command
    • Communications Systems and Equipment
    • Training Simulation
    • Constructive simulations, digital training events and virtual simulations

Our solutions include:

  • Exercise Design
  • Exercise Planning
  • Scenario Development
  • Exercise Facilitation and Delivery
  • Analytics
  • Technical Support
  • Software Design and Development