HAMPTON, Va. – Web-based pandemic response training is available now through a collaborative platform to help organizations plan, prepare, and mitigate the impacts of a pandemic.
“Businesses and government agencies are working now to determine how to continue operations while keeping employees healthy during this pandemic,” said Jason Bewley, ATS president. “This training platform offers an opportunity to examine impacts, decisions and operating procedures and determine the best ways to respond to future waves of the virus.”
The training is offered through ATSsim Suite – an online virtual collaborative environment where organizations and staff can develop and validate plans, conduct training and exercise events, gather and review facts, and develop lessons learned.
“The world is changing all around us and things won’t ever be the same. Even in the midst of crisis, it’s important to think about the future,” said Bewley. “Sadly, this virus is expected to return over the next year and it’s important for organizations to learn how to respond effectively.”
ATS’ Pandemic Response Planning and Training can be accessed by employees in distributed environments simultaneously.  Anyone with a computer and internet access can participate in the training, from anywhere.
The Pandemic Response Planning and Training through ATSsim Suite meets DoD and DHS requirements and offers crisis planning and response training in simulated environments with progressive options, controls, and complexity.
“The training platform that has helped the Departments of Defense and Homeland Security for a decade, should be used to help save lives and prepare us for the next disaster” said Bewley.