SAN ANTONIO, TX – On August 17th-19th, 2021, Applied Training Solutions (ATS) successfully designed and supported an emergency training exercise for Task Force 51 (TF-51) in San Antonio, Texas.  ATS facilitated the exercise by quickly providing exercise planning and simulation services.

A VIGILANT GUARD exercise was going to support TF-51’s train-up of new staff members, however, it was cancelled, so TF-51 had to quickly develop an alternative exercise to reach their training objectives.  They reached out to ATS, who was able to help them put together an effective exercise in a timely manner.

The simulation featured a hurricane that made landfall on the southeastern part of Puerto Rico and crossed through the interior of the island with sustained winds of 155 mph. The hurricane exited the northwestern part of Puerto Rico, leaving behind catastrophic consequences throughout the island.  The strong winds and severe flooding caused the collapse of all major communication systems on the island, major landslides and destroyed bridges.  The Carraízo Dam was damaged and expected to fail and cause further flooding issues.  The first responders in TF-51 were able to respond to these disasters and succeeded in mitigating further damages swiftly and effectively.

TF-51 is better prepared to respond to a variety of disasters and support the State’s mission to save lives, protect property and minimize citizen’s suffering.


“As a leader in emergency preparedness training and readiness, ATS continues to actively work to deliver innovative, experience-based disaster-preparedness exercises solutions for local, state and federal agencies to protect communities. 

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