SAINT ALBANS, WV – On September 14th-19th, 2021, ATS aided the Region II (NY) Homeland Response Force (HRF) in developing a Sustainment Year Collective Training Event (SYCTE).  ATS helped develop the overall scenario to train staff level officers and NCOs on potential response to chemical, biological, and nuclear attacks within the state of New York.

The purpose of the exercise was to provide participants with an opportunity to review response and recovery protocols, plans and capabilities and to realistically assess their overall preparedness in the event of a Chemical, Biological and/or nuclear attack.  To achieve this, participants had to review orders and requirements from civil authorities to plan a rapid and focused response to mitigate human suffering and the loss of life.  Region II (NY) HRF is preparing for their External Evaluation in November of 2021.

The scenario was based around seven near simultaneous attacks on civilian structures.  The scenario simulated the release of multiple contaminants.  The Region II (NY) HRF conducted staff analysis, planning, and execution all while refining operational drills and SOPs during the exercise to improve overall effectiveness of the organization.

Applied Training Solutions provided a robust training simulation for the Region II NY HRF.  The outcome of the event overall was positive, and unit was able to utilize this time to work on best practices and procedures.  The Region II (NY) HRF and their organic elements are better prepared to respond to natural and/or man-made disasters in the future.


“As a leader in emergency preparedness training and readiness, ATS continues to actively work to deliver innovative, experience-based disaster-preparedness exercises solutions for local, state and federal agencies to protect communities. 

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