Compass allows collaborative training exercise design from multiple, distributed locations and subsequent delivery of defined Compass "inject" information during an actual exercise. "Injects" can be delivered according to pre-programmed time, or in response to the occurrence of specific events within a constructive simulation. The "injects" are delivered by email, a C2 messaging system, or directly into the constructive simulation, and can contain any type of file or information. Trainee responses to an "inject" and onward message traffic can be recorded and displayed in a timeline for After Action Review purposes.

As the messages are being delivered, Compass tracks the delivery as well as any responses. It displays the information within a graphical timeline, which allows exercise observers/controllers during the After Action Review to view and assess staff efficiency by observing and analyzing message processing and response times.

What Makes
Compass Unique?

The Compass Tool delivers Compass messages during an exercise as programmed. These Compass messages are sent via standard communication channels such as email or text message.

Compass Benefits


Information "injects" can easily be triggered according to scheduled or random events occurring within the constructive simulation


This type of interaction allows an unprecedented amount of richness and "free play" for information-based events that, prior to Compass, this was either impossible or extremely difficult.

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