Consequence Management Staff Trainer

What is CMST?

CMST is a simple-to-use, interactive, web-based exercise platform used by commercial, government, and military organizations to prepare for a wide range of natural and man-made emergency situations. CMST benefits its users in a multitude of areas.

Consequence Management Staff Trainer

What Does CMST Offer?

CMST provides a high level of realism, forcing players to test their decision-making skills in a "live" disaster environment. A built-in tutorial reduces costs and ensures seamless functionality.

Consequence Management Staff Trainer

What Makes CMST Unique?

CMST is a web-based application - no software installation required.

Participants log in and begin the exercise either as an individual or as part of a team or organization.

Users can progressively expand the scope of the exercise into multi-shift or even multi-day operations, monitoring progression and pausing as needed to support training outcomes.

Participants monitor a timeline progression and exercises can be paused or fast-forwarded as needed.

The Benefits of CMST

CMST Benefits:

  • The ability to create custom training scenarios to meet required specifications
  • The capability for decision-makers and staff to train together and test response capabilities
  • The opportunity to train and assess performance in a "high-pressure" and risk-free environment
  • The ability to create proprietary procedure documents to evaluate trainees
  • Enhanced communication between internal and external teams