RALEIGH, NC – From July 9 to July 17, the National Guard Bureau conducted a Collective Training Event for Joint Task Force-60 (JTF-60) of the North Carolina National Guard (NC NG). Applied Training Solutions (ATS) provided support in exercise design and control, and, with ATSsim, provided geospatial modeling, training simulations, and scenario and injects management. ATS personnel also acted as SMEs for both subordinate units and HICON units replicating the North Carolina Department of Public Safety (DPS), National Guard JFHQ, and other supporting Emergency Support Functions (ESF).

The training event was designed to train Joint Task Force – 60 (JTF-60) to operate and function using basic staff skills and using North Carolina National Guard (NCNG) specific Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to respond to a natural disaster impacting the entire state. JTF-60 was tested on their ability to manage a complex incident by implementing the NCNG Force Package Guide and All Hazards CONPLAN. Battle drills, policies, and procedures established within JTF-60 for domestic operations were also tested. In addition, the exercise was meant to engage the staff in a collaborative manner to identify gaps in communication and planning across the organization.

ATSsim was used to provide injects for the training audience, beginning on July 7. The ability to provide leading injects prior to Start of Exercise (STARTEX) on July 9 gave the training audience a sense of realism and allowed them to hit STARTEX running with situational awareness of the impacts of the rain and storm on the affected areas. ATSsim was used to represent Lower Control (LOCON) unit locations, while also providing reports and other critical information requested by the training audience. The tool was critical to keeping the “story” on track for the training audience as the exercise developed.

The Collective Training Event was critical for training JTF-60 staff on how to respond to a complex and statewide disaster using the unique SOPs and products developed by the NCNG. Furthermore, the exercise allowed a fairly new staff to work together to refine battle drills and other procedures as they prepare for Annual Training in support of Arctic Eagle in Alaska in 2022. The staff had multiple iterations of Mission Analysis and Course of Action Development which they will need for Alaska in 2022.

As a leader in emergency preparedness training and readiness, ATS continues to actively work to deliver innovative, experience-based disaster-preparedness exercises solutions for local, state and federal agencies to protect communities.  

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