RALEIGH, NC – From July 6 – 10, Applied Training Solutions, LLC (ATS), assisted with the North Carolina National Guard Collective Training Event (NC NG CTE), done on behalf of National Guard Bureau for Joint Task Force-60 (JTF-60).

The NC NG CTE was designed to train JTF-60 to operate and function using basic staff skills and using NC NG-specific standard operating procedures (SOPs) to respond to a natural disaster impacting the entire state.  The exercise was intended to test JTF-60s ability to manage a complex incident by implementing the NCNG Force Package Guide and All Hazards Concept Plan.  Battle drills, policies, and procedures established within JTF-60 for domestic operations were also tested.  In addition, the exercise was meant to engage the staff in a collaborative manner to identify gaps in communication and planning across the organization.

The scenario was initiated on July 6th with National Weather Service advisories and the buildup of a hurricane approaching the southeastern coast of the US.  Products were developed to provide a real-time weather track of the storm from the coast of Africa to landfall in Wilmington, NC. By Start of Exercise (STARTEX) on 7 July at 9:00 PM,  the storm made landfall over the southeastern coast of North Carolina.  The National Guard had been activated and postured to be ready to respond as soon as the storm passed.  By injecting weather and Higher Control Operations Orders (HICON OPORDs) ahead of actual land fall, JTF-60 was able to conduct mission analysis and prepare for the storms impact. They also managed force package employment and tracking from 7-10 July 22.

ATSsim was the tool used to provide injects for the training audience, beginning on 6 July.  The ability to provide leading injects prior to STARTEX on 7 July provided the training audience a sense of realism and allowed them to hit STARTEX running with situational awareness of the impacts of the rain and storm on the impacted areas. ATSsim was also used to represent Lower Control unit locations and provide reports and other critical information requested by the training audience.  The software was crucial for keeping the “story” on track for what the training audience was developing.

The NC NG CTE was a critical exercise to train JTF-60 staff on how to respond to a complex and statewide disaster using the unique SOPs and products developed by the NCNG. The exercise allowed a fairly new staff to work together to refine battle drills and other procedures.  The staff will also have a change of command for the next year’s event, so the exercise allowed the incoming commander to have a look into how JTF-60 operates before he assumes command.

Furthermore, the delegates from Moldova were present over the weekend through the State Partnership Program (SPP). The European country was represented by their Minster of Defense (MoD) and Minister of Interior (MoI), and they were able to view how the JTF supported domestic operations.

As a leader in emergency preparedness training and readiness, ATS continues to actively work to deliver innovative, experience-based disaster-preparedness exercises solutions for local, state and federal agencies to protect communities. 

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