Bismark, N.D.– North Dakota is no stranger to flooding caused by snowmelt. On average each year, the state gets approximately 80 inches of snowfall and 1-2 inches of rainfall a day during spring months.
The North Dakota National Guard (NDNG) recently conducted an exercise to remain prepared to mobilize for State Active Duty (SAD) when requested and authorized to aid and support civil authorities across the full spectrum of emergency events.
During a flood, NDNG will provide essential support to protect life and property and preserve peace, order and public safety. Their support will allow local and state authorities to regain the capabilities required to manage the effects of the emergency and provide long term recovery.
During the exercise, NDNG members used ATS’ staff training tool “Fusion” to provide timely effective civil support; accomplish unity of effort with interagency partners; and minimize suffering, loss of life and significant property damage. Fusion is a web-based collaborative training environment in which staffs can exercise their processes, test their SOPs, and/or validate plans.  The tool enables tailored scenarios that aligns injects to training objectives and critical tasks, automated delivery of injects, dynamic changes in order to control exercise complexity, and the collection of observations for After Action Reviews.
NDNG members learned effective civil support training including:
  • Providing forces and resources to support civil authorities in accordance with authorized requests.
  • Maintaining Freedom of Movement (FOM), collaborative information sharing, and support across the flood impact area for all NG forces.
  • Establishing and maintaining a Common Operating Picture (COP) at the local, state, and federal level.
  • Shaping a positive public perception of NG efforts.
The Fusion-empowered exercise allowed the JFHQ-ND to identify planning shortfalls and review their standard operating procedures as related to flood response. As a result, JFHQ-ND is increasing their planning efforts and improving their state of readiness.
As a leading provider of training and operational support technologies for national defense and emergency management, ATS conducts more than 100 State and Federal interactive and immersive crisis response and consequence management training exercises annually.  Staffed by former emergency management and military leaders, ATS delivers cutting edge technology and innovative solutions to save lives by building resilient organizations. ATS is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business offering technology and services to increase effectiveness in planning, training, and operations.