CARSON CITY, Nev. — A massive power outage occurred across the southwest US. By mid-morning, these cyberattacks penetrated the defenses of key electric power transmission components in the southwest which resulted a wide-area, power outage affecting southern California, southern Nevada, portions of Arizona and several FEMA Region IX States.
This blackout scenario was the basis for an exercise with Joint Forces Headquarters-Nevada and Fijian military members, Feb. 25. The focus of the exercise was supporting the training of Fijian military members to conduct Civil Support Operations (CSO), Joint Operations Center (JOC) functions and learning the Military Decision-Making Process (MDMP)/Rapid Decision-Making Synchronization Process (RDSP).
The Binary Power Outage exercise consisted of multiple massive power outages taking out the power across much of Southern Nevada and Las Vegas. The power outage was caused by a coordinated cyber-attack. For this exercise, ATS’ staff training tool “Fusion” supported training of the Nevada National Guard (NVNG) JOC and the Fijian military under the State Partnership Program (SPP).
Fusion is a web-based collaborative training environment in which staffs can exercise their processes, test their SOPs, and/or validate plans.  The tool enables tailored scenarios that aligns injects to training objectives and critical tasks, automated delivery of injects, dynamic changes in order to control exercise complexity, and the collection of observations for After Action Reviews.
In addition to facilitating interagency communication and coordination, training participants executed tasks including:
  • Speed of execution and rapid integration of forces to augment state and local efforts.
  • Professional and positive public communication.
  • Sustained ability to execute missions in a State Active Duty or Title 32 status.
  • Response to state emergencies without serious injury, loss of life, or significant equipment damage.
The exercise allowed the JFHQ-NV to identify potential NVNG missions to assist the state during a blackout. In addition, the exercise provided an opportunity to establish a collaborative learning environment between the NVNG and their SPP partners from Fuji.
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