SAN ANTONIO, Texas – Armed with over 10 years of expertise in unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), ATS employee Robert Bunnell was certified as a Commercial FAA Drone Pilot, May 27.

The certification is achieved through the successful completion of the Unmanned Aircraft Knowledge Exam, which tests a candidate’s understanding of UAS devices, operating requirements, safety procedures, and FAA regulations.

UAS technology is a helpful tool for disaster response, crisis management, and public safety since they  provide rapid situational awareness to emergency responders.
“Unmanned aircraft are used to identify hot spots in wildfires, collect information vital to search and rescue operations, and assess damage to infrastructure after a disaster,” said Mike Dolata, ATS program manager. “Recognizing the capabilities and limitations of these technologies and aerial data enhances ATS’s support to the emergency response community.”
Bunnell, who also received the FAA Airman Certificate, is a modeling and simulations engineer with ATS working in San Antonio, Texas.

“Robert Bunnell is an extremely talented modeling and simulations engineer who achieved this FAA certification through a self-directed education program. We’re proud of Robert for achieving his personal and professional goals, as well as enhancing the ATS portfolio,” said Dolata.

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