​NEW CASTLE, Del. – Delaware state agencies and the National Guard trained on their response to civil disorder Mar. 12, in an exercise planned and led by ATS.

Delaware’s Joint Forces Headquarters, Army National Guard, Emergency Management Agency, and State Police along with the Dover Police Department exercised standard operating procedures, response operations and multi-agency communications during the simulated civil disorder event.

Using Compass and Fusion, two emergency response training tools in the ATSsim Suite, the participants learned joint operations center processes and procedures, emergency response operations and mission support operations.

Compass is an exercise and scenario management tool with events and injects correlated to training objectives. Fusion is an enhanced web-based table-top exercise tool and staff trainer. It provides a training environment to increase effectiveness and cohesion of response operations for individuals and teams. The ATS tools provide exercise control, evaluation, after action review support, and exercise management. They also enable testing and validation of response plans and operational procedures.

A crucial aspect of the training was the multi-agency interaction and engagement. Many of the participants were training in emergency response operations for the first time, but the ability for so many agencies to train on this important aspect of public safety together was a key success of the exercise.

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