ATS in Action

As a leader in emergency preparedness training and readiness, ATS actively works with local, state and federal agencies to deliver disaster- preparedness exercise solutions that are innovative and provide the experience to protect communities.

ATS designs and delivers exercise and training solutions, creating functional capabilities for federal, state and agencies to deliver disaster-preparedness exercises solutions that are innovative and provide the experience to protect communities.

ATS is typically engaged throughout the exercise lifecycle, providing comprehensive and subject matter expert planning and exercise design and development support, modeling and simulation, facilitation and control during a full-scale exercise. ATS supports the review and analysis of an exercise with After Action Reviews and Reports, ensuring that exercise leaders, staff and participants gain a full understanding of the activities and results.

ATS subject matter experts in exercise design and control and modeling and simulation use the process and tools provided by the Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP) to provide comprehensive and expert planning; modeling and simulations; and exercise control throughout the exercise life cycle.

Our value is the experience derived and delivered from training exercises created and delivered specifically to support civilian and agency response. Exercises include scenarios to test community response to active shooter, chemical spills, downed aircraft and severe weather events.

ATS has delivered over 200 functional(CPX), full scale(FTX) and staff exercises using Compass, Verity, and Fusion tools.

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ATS in the Community

ATS is active in the community.

Our team strives to share its experiences, knowledge and time in ways that serve our communities. We engage locally and nationally to create ongoing and permanent relationships for the simple goal of making every place we participate a better place to be.

Through these relationships in our communities, we become aware, we engage and we learn how we can create and realize bold visions for the future.

We encourage our team to post their community engagement experiences, some of which are posted below.

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