• Michael J. O’Neill


  • Senior Modeling and Simulations Engineer / Task Order Lead

What do you do for ATS? 

  • I work closely with my team and our Government Counterparts to ensure that not only are the needs of the Government met, but also the needs of the team.

What do you consider your biggest accomplishment while working for ATS?

  • I think that one of my biggest accomplishments that I have done is to show others that it is possible to accomplish what we set our minds to.

What would your colleagues be surprised to learn about you?

  • That I homebrew and that I can hold a conversation in German.

Describe your impression of the work ATS does for its government and industry clients.

  • I feel that the work that we do at ATS and ARNORTH is very important, because the work that we are doing is training soldiers on what it is like to work with FEMA and other civilian agencies. Without this training, the soldiers and commanders may not realize just how much the “handshake” between the various agencies will be needed if something were to happen.

How do you define success?

  • I define success as being able ensure that the best exercises are given to our customers. Also, ensuring that anything that we do is done to the highest standards.

What do you enjoy doing during your time away from the office?

  •  Woodworking and homebrewing.

Do you have a spouse and children? If so, please provide their names:

  • Spouse: Jean Newman-O’Neill
  • Children: Kacy, Katarina, and Natascha
  • Grandchildren: Isaiah, Dominic, and Dante