Full Scale Exercise 2022

Four days prior to the start of the exercise intelligence reports detailed aspirational targeting and operational planning against military installations across Alabama. The Antiterrorism Officer activated the Threat Working Group to analyze the data and provide the Sr. Commander and Garrison Commander with recommendations. The exercise focused on providing timely, accurate and actionable information resulting from the planned, direction, collection, processing, production, dissemination, evaluation, and feedback of available information concerning threats to the installation, its people, property, or interests.. ATS provided exercise design, development and scenario planning, simulation modeling, news media production, design and support, White Cell support and execution.


Full scale exercise focused on mass casualty and installation mission assurance

ATS provided exercise design, development and scenario planning

Utilized Google Earth and DaVinici Resolve


The ATS provided the exercise design, development and scenario planning leading up to the exercise. Throughout the exercise, the ATSteam supported with simulation modeling, production of news media, and supported the White Cell execution. The exercise used Google Earth because it provided a realistic representation that enhanced the execution of the exercise design. DaVinci Resolve was used in postprocess for news media generation.


The Full Scale Exercise was designed to evaluate the installation’s ability to prevent, protect, mitigate, respond, and recover from a mass casualty event. And to provide installation Mission Assurance and community resiliency during active shooter and CBRNE events. The installation’s response resulted in integration of external assets to augment installation capabilities, increased FPCON measures, triage, and evacuation of the injured, and resuming normal operations. The evens compelled activation of the EOC while responding to both events simultaneously, including employing first responder assets to neutralize the shooter, addressing mass casualty / fatality management, and engaging CBRNE assets to reduce or mitigate the hazards.


Exercise objects to validate the USAG Ft. Rucker
Emergency Management Plan, establish and
maintain a unified and coordinated approach in
order to support the execution of the Core


The complex exercise challenged Fort Rucker’s
ability to synthesize information received from a
variety of live and simulated sources, while
synchronizing emergency management efforts
amongst tenant organizations and their senior


Exercise Conducted: Fort Rucker, AL
Simulation Cell: Fort Rucker, AL