ATS EXERCISE SUPPORT California National Guard (CANG)
Homeland Response Force (HRF)

Sustainment Year Collective

Training Event (SYCTE)

The multi-day exercise scenario took an all-hazards approach, testing either a man-made or natural disaster, over multiple locations. ATS National Guard Bureau (NGB) Team established Simulation Cell (SIMCELL) at St. Albans Army National Guard to support the exercise with two days of training for the simulators. ATS provided the MSEL Manger Station and the ATSsim Station to ensure continuous operations. ATS provided simulation personnel for Battle Captains and Operations Sergeants to support simulation players and to support the ATSsim operations.


Multiple locations exercised

Utilized the ATSsim Exercise Platform

Scenario was realistic in a no-fault environment
Simulation Cell


ATSsim was selected because it provides the training audience (CA HRF) real time interaction with subordinate and parent organizations. The simulation allows each CST and CRFP to complete reports, simulate logistical and personnel reports as well as determine number of personnel who conducted decontamination throughout the scenario.


The ATS NGB Team, in conjunction with the Army Interagency Training & EducationCenter (AITEC) Exercise and Design &Simulations Branch personnel, developed a scenario using the ATSsim platform in which Mission Essential Tasks and objectives were exercised. The exercise was designed to test the ability of the CA HRF Command &Control to manage and control up to three CBRN Enhance Response Force Packages, three Weapons of Mass Destruction Civil Support Teams, and three CBRN Task Forces during a disaster. The exercise tested the team’s ability to provide reports and critical information to command leadership.


Tested the team’s ability to provide reports and critical information to command leadership.


The complex exercise challenged Fort Rucker’s
ability to synthesize information received from a
variety of live and simulated sources, while
synchronizing emergency management efforts
amongst tenant organizations and their senior


Exercise Conducted: Fort Rucker, AL
Simulation Cell: Fort Rucker, AL