ATS EXERCISE SUPPORT Utah National Guard (CANG) Task Force 76 (TF76)

Task Force 76 DIGEX22

On/About 8 March 2022, Task Force 76 through a virtual deployment arrived at the vicinity of (IVO) Charleston, SC, accepted Operational Control of the Command and Control CBRN Response Element Alpha and other Title 10 DoD forces, and conducted CBRN response operations IVO Charleston, SC. The team completed other directed mission assignments in support of FEMA (the lead federal agency) in order to save lives, mitigate human suffering, prevent further injury, and provide temporary critical support to enable community recovery, and ultimately, conduct a transition of responsibility to follow on forces or civil authority. ATS provided the ATSsim Constructive Simulation environment in which to replicate the activities of the C2CRE-A.


Simulated deployment of Task Force 76 to Charleston, SC
Virtual simulation of forces saves money and resources
Utilized the ATSsim Exercise Platform


The exercise used multiple technologies including ATSsim V3,USNORTHCOM/USARNORTH Geo Portal and email. ATSsim was selected because it is an effective tool in replicating the Force Flow (units flying and/or driving into the JOA) and replicating the Friendly Force Tracking of units and crewed vehicles executing missions. Allowed for distribution and consumption of classes of supply and generates reports to the LOCON.


Exercise Conducted:
Camp Williams, UT
Simulation Cell:
Camp Williams, UT


The Task Force (TF) DIGEX22 was a Command Post Exercise to sustain proficiency of the on-mission C2CRE-ATask Force HQs and enhance command relationships. The exercise replicated Phases II and Phases III of USNORTHCOMOPLAN 3500-17, with focus on transition from Phase II to Phase III. DIGEX22 is a preparatory exercise leading to Vibrant Response, the TF 76 annual confirmation exercise.


SimCell operations provided a common operational picture for the TF76 andC2CRE-A forces along with civilian agencies and military commanders.


TThe Task Force 76 Headquarters, C2CCRE-A Task Forces and CBRN BNTF Headquarters rehearsed force and equipment employment, life-saving operations and web-based collaborative tools to ensure their ability to execute the Defense Support of Civil Authority (DSCA)mission. C2CRE-A is a Force Package of Active Duty and Reserve Soldiers that has1500 personnel and provides critical Search& Extraction, Decontamination, Engineering, Logistic and Emergency Medical Response capabilities.