FRANKLIN, TN – On July 31 – August 9, 2021, Applied Training Solutions (ATS) provided simulation operations support to include stimulating the Common Operating Picture (COP) System JCOP, JADC2, and Google Earth. The support was provided to US Army North and its subordinate organizations Task Force 51 (TF-51) and the Defense Coordinating Officer/Element (DCO/E) for Region IV.


The exercise, titled “Vibrant Response”, is a recurring exercise that Army North and Joint Task Force-Civil Support (JTF-CS) conduct utilizing the DCRF forces to assist the DCO/E with disaster management. It includes both a Constructive Command Post Exercise (CPX) The CPX portion was conducted at the Cool Springs Convention Center, Franklin, TN.  With the Exercise Control (EXCON) and Lower Control (LOCON) operating out of the same area.


The scenario simulated Hurricane Jordan making landfall at Biloxi on 3 Aug and curving more westward than anticipated, passing through western Mississippi and near Memphis before turning more east-northeast. AL and MS commit NG assets to the recovery off the Gold Coast. TN request for PDD prompts action to pre-position JTF-CS to support TN recovery, which is where FEMA and JTF-CS remain for the duration of the event. The hurricane dumped vast amounts of water into the Tennessee river causing massive flooding south of Chattanooga, primarily riverside communities of Decatur and Florence. AL requested federal assistance in north. AL DSC is unable to work both north and south incidents and requests T10 to conduct their own C2 until a second DSC is established in the north (requiring a TF AVN, OPS, LOG and MED). This culminated with VR21.2 TOA of DCRF employing forces to the newly established AL DSC-NORTH on the final day of exercise.


ATS used Verity, JACOP. JADC2 and Google Earth to conduct this exercise.  The reason for using Verity is because it is effective in replicating the Force Flow (units flying and/or driving into the Joint Operations Area (JOA)); and then for replicating Friendly Force Tracking of units and crewed vehicles executing missions within the JOA.  Verity also stimulates the NORTHCOM Common Operating Picture (COP) tools of record (JACOP and JADC2).  Verity is the most effective simulation currently available to execute DSCA training missions.


Vibrant Response 21.2 was a successful exercise, JTF-CS lead and utilizing the current DCRF forces in a Defense Support for Civilian Authorities (DSCA) environment.


“As a leader in emergency preparedness training and readiness, ATS continues to actively work to deliver innovative, experience-based disaster-preparedness exercises solutions for local, state and federal agencies to protect communities. 

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