The Special Olympics USA Games 2022 app, built by Applied Training Solutions (ATS), won an award for “User Experience” at the San Francisco Design Week (SFDW) festival. Designed in partnership with Blink, the app can be used by athletes participating in the Special Olympic Games in 2022.

Between June 7-13, SFDW showcased creative businesses in the San Francisco area that have inspired and enabled progress in the creative community. Several Blink designers and client partners shared a behind-the-scenes look at the app in a virtual event on June 8.

Scott Lambridis, Head of Design at Blink San Francisco, said that the team wanted to design an app that put the athletes’ experience first. The Blink team conducted one-on-one interviews with athletes’ to better understand their hopes and goals for the 2022 games, as well as frustrations they experienced when participating at the Games in the past.

Once Blink finalized the design recommendations for the app, Mike Suman, lead client development partner and COO at ATS began the development process with his team. The app is currently in a small closed beta being tested for usability and will be out for people to test and preview in the upcoming months. “This isn’t just a mobile app, this is going to be a legacy that we leave behind,” said Suman.

Lonnie Snyder, CIO at Special Olympics USA Games 2022, emphasized the importance of the Special Olympics USA Games 2022 app to the athletes’ experience. Snyder said “This project empowers athletes, and gives those who haven’t had a voice, a voice. This has never been possible before. Athletes felt empowered [to be a part of this project] and liked being a part of the solution.”

The Special Olympics USA Games 2022 is a small segment of the larger Special Olympics organization, the world’s largest sports organization for children and adults with intellectual and physical disabilities.