April Employee Spotlight Miguel Hernandez

April Employee Spotlight

What do you do for ATS?

I provide CPCE/CPOF training and mentoring to III Corps and its subordinate commands in a fully integrated Mission Command Information System network. Soldiers are taught the skills necessary to operate a successful Command Post during large scale operations.

What do you consider your biggest accomplishment while working for ATS?

Being able to provide guidance and training to Soldiers, and to see the transformation and growth in knowledge from the start to end on the training they receive from us.  To know that, upon completion, Soldiers become enablers to their Commander’s command posts abilities to accomplish missions.

Do you have a spouse and children? If so, please provide their names:

Spouse:      Maria M. Hernandez

Children’s: Dr. Miguel A. Hernandez Jr., Jhonasat Hernandez, Mayrim Hernandez, Alexis Hernandez, Cristina Hernandez, Rochell Hernandez

What do you enjoy doing during your time away from the office?

Spending time with my family (grandkids), Playing Dominos with my friends and jet skiing on the lake.

What would your colleagues be surprised to learn about you?

Before I joined the Army I was studying to be a Catholic priest. Lol. And when I pray every morning I include my coworkers and their family for their health and safety also.

Describe your impression of the work ATS does for its government and industry clients?

I have been a Military Trainer with other companies for the past 16 years and one of the things I noticed is that ATS, is very professional and helpful to their employees, and their clients.  We provide the best training available, by incorporating an integrated environment using the latest versions software for the systems we train.  This allows our classrooms to simulate or replicate just about any situation/scenario that can happen in an actual command post.