ATS partners with 2022 Special Olympics USA Games to Debut New Fan Engagement Platform

The 2022 Special Olympics USA Games organizing committee wanted to create a mobile app that would be centered on the athletes. Designed by Blink and built by ATS, this new experience brings the athletes into the main spotlight while still allowing the organizers, coaches, and volunteers one place to get all the needed information for the games.

“This project empowers athletes, and gives those who haven’t had a voice, a voice. This has never been possible before.”
Lonnie Snyder, CIO – 2022 USA Games


  • Schedule your hotel to insure you are close to your events.

  • Get your schedule as an athlete. If you’re not an athlete, you can build a schedule of events to attend.

  • Athletes can see how they placed and can see their times for all events.

  • Venues and event locations are mapped with directions available.

  • Fan Engagement Platform to connect everyone to the event (near and afar).

  • Simple, powerful and award winning UX design.  


  • Mobile app implemented using React-Native to allow once code base to be deployed on both Apple and Google platforms

  • 8 week professional UX study to determine the best user experience for the app

  • Containerized Node microservices

  • Deployed to Amazon Fargate serverless

  • Backed by Amazon RDS for data storage

  • Enhanced by Amazon ElastiCache for fast data access

  • Developed locally with docker compose