The ATS product suite can be employed across the Plan, Train and Operate spectrum at all levels, for any organization. Our tools reduce setup times, lower logistical costs and can be operated with minimal support thereby making them cost effective to use. Our products have changed the paradigm for training in Emergency Management across all Industries, as evident in their use to protect America’s homeland today. EDMSIM, MSEL TOOL, and MILSIM are able to seamlessly integrate organizations planning processes, relevant data, threat analysis and operational concepts into our simulations, and your operational equipment, sensors and systems to create a single interactive environment.

Our products enable an organization to quickly and efficiently plan for contingencies and then train their organizations on those plans cheaply and effectively. Should the worst occur, the same tools and relevant information used to plan can now be employed in operations aiding the customer in developing an operational picture which will save lives.

Our software product components designed around the principles of low cost, low overhead operation, flexibility and interoperability with pre-existing systems and data. All of our products are in use today by various organizations across all level of government in the United States and abroad. Team ATS has employed various elements of our products to conduct training for the US Army, US National Guard, Canadian Army, NATO, Centers for Disease Control, Universities, Cities, and all 50 States.

Emergency & Disaster Management Simulator

A state-of-the-art simulation-enhanced technology platform for realistic emergency response training and planning. It can simulate any or all NRF, state and/or local elements for a facility exercise and integrates with any existing command system.

CMST: Consequence Management Staff Trainer

An interactive, web-based staff trainer used by commercial, government and military organizations to prepare for a wide range of natural and man-made emergency situations. It focuses on smaller strategic and tactical level portions of any event

MSEL Tool: Master Scenario Events List Tool

ATS’ tool for delivering MSEL events and injects to trainees during live exercises, via email or through the constructive simulation.

MILSIM: Military Simulator

A cutting edge battlefield command simulation platform that realistically simulates engagements from squad and platoon level all the way to brigade task force and divisional level for realistic battle command training.