National Defense Training and Education

Applied Training Solutions is a leader in National Defense Training and Education

National Defense Training and Education

ATS is a premier provider for education, training and knowledge-based services to the U.S. Army for National Defense. Because of ATS’ unique combination of expertise in both military operations and live, constructive simulation-enhanced exercises, we can seamlessly provide the very best Warfighter training experience and results for the U.S. Army and its partner forces.

In addition to training U.S. forces, we assist the Army with its Security Cooperation mission, building partner force capacity and assisting strategic allies in transforming their militaries to operate with US forces.

Our excellent reputation for safely meeting budget and time constraints while delivering exceptional value underscores our commitment to serving the National Defense.

Under Homeland Security, ATS trains thousands of U.S. soldiers annually in CBRN-DSCA functions using live, constructive simulation-enhanced technology similar to that used by the Army for Warfighter training. Soldiers leave training with high real-world proficiency and the skills necessary to successfully support their missions.

What We Offer

Our thoroughly experienced and capable experts provide:

  • Advisory assistance in planning and executing all aspects of Warfighter instruction and training
  • Qualified instructors and subject matter experts for training and instruction in a variety of complex military and civil-related subjects, in both classroom and field environments
  • Development of training tutorials, courseware curricula and Programs of Instruction for military and civil-related subjects
  • Oral and written translation services for course material and instruction to foreign nationals.
  • Analysis of historical, current and emerging operational strategies, tactics, techniques, and procedures for developing training exercise concepts
  • Cutting-edge training solutions and associated life-cycle support
  • Facilitation and support of live, virtual and constructive training exercises
  • New and modified exercise scenarios to meet specified training objectives
  • The flexibility to train varying class sizes alone or in group configurations
  • Evaluation of individual and/or collective instruction and exercise data through After Action Reviews (AARs) and other analysis

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