Military Simulation (MILSIM)

MILSIM represents a significant leap forward in battlefield command simulation. MILSIM allows commanders to realistically simulate engagements from squad and platoon all the way to brigade task force and divisional level. Straightforward user interfaces and easy training scenario creation and manipulation capabilities significantly reduce operating costs. MILSIM is able to reduce costs in an historically cash intensive software support requirement because it allows organizations to create and execute training objectives without extensive external support. MILSIM is unique because it trains commanders and staff from company-level and above using an entity-based constructive simulation with an integrated Master Scenario Events List (MSEL) tool. As a multi-purpose tool, MILSIM can also be used for command post training, course of action impact analysis or as a low-overhead driver for C4ISR systems.

Rapid Scenario Development

MILSIM can rapidly create simple or complex scenarios. ORBATs and new entities can be generated and units can be placed on the terrain with just a few clicks of a mouse. MILSIM allows rapid re-purposing of existing scenarios with easy unit structure adjustments and the ability to easily re-position entire scenarios geographically.

Full Spectrum Play

MILSIM simulates air, land and sea entities for joint operations. Engineering, joint fire and air support are simulated as well as full logistics, maintenance and medical play.

Multi-Language Support

Users can switch on-the-fly between languages. Having the software in the first language of the users greatly reduces training overhead. Different users can operate in different languages on the same simulation. MILSIM has been translated into English, French, Arabic and Portuguese.

Interface to LVC and C4ISR Systems

MILSIM stimulates C4ISR systems with simulated data for more realistic information flow into the Operations Center during training. MILSIM interfaces with other LVC simulations via industry standard protocols.

Portable and Deployable

MILSIM operates on standard laptop computers enabling a "simulation center in a box" capability that can be employed within unit lines or deployed to the field on operations.

After-Action/Post-Training Reviews

MILSIM provides playback of the simulation from any perspective and allows the creation of "combat vignettes" or short video clips of significant events. User-defined reports can be generated detailing information on vehicles damaged and destroyed, the effectiveness of weapons systems and supplies consumed (fuel, ammunition, etc.). MILSIM after-action reporting enhances the effectiveness of the simulation when it is used for training.

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