Awareness, Preparedness, Readiness

Homeland Security

ATS maintains its relationships with national defense requirements as it develops training solutions and emerging scenarios to support a myriad of response requirements.

ATS delivers disaster response training exercises to deliver training outcomes to clients including:

  • Army Northern Command
  • The National Guard
  • Government agencies including FEMA

ATS annually delivers CBRN-DSCA functions using live, constructive simulation-enhanced technology similar to that used by the Army for Warfighter training. Participants achieve learning outcomes in with high real-world proficiency and the skills necessary to successfully support their missions.

Our value Is the experience derived and delivered from training exercises created and delivered specifically for military and national defense requirements. Our approach has been delivered to more than 150,000 national guard and national defense department participants.

Awareness, Preparedness, Readiness


Our commercial solutions apply these technology and training capabilities to commercial, industry and public-sector clients.

The training supports a broad range of preparedness capabilities for staff, management and executives, delivered via specific scenarios and events including those affecting the business and service continuity of municipalities, utilities, schools and hospitals.

The training and resulting awareness and preparation satisfies a number of business continuity, regulatory, risk management and emerging corporate reporting requirements in matters of response readiness and operational business continuity.