Emergency Management

Applied Training Solutions is a leader in Private Sector, Government, and Military preparedness for all crisis and disaster scenarios.

Emergency Management

ATS provides technology and professional services for civilian government organizations to train emergency and disaster response teams using the most trusted, complete and cost-effective live simulation available.

Since 2009, the Army Northern Command, the U.S. National Guard and various government agencies have trusted ATS to provide disaster response training exercises and professional services. Our exercise simulation technologies and expert consultants have been at the core of over 250 major exercises across the country.

The ATS tool set includes Emergency & Disaster Management Simulation (EDMSIM), a fully scalable, all hazards, live, constructive simulation system; Consequence Management Staff Trainer (CMST), our new-generation, live, constructive training exercise simulator with internet access and built-in scenarios; and Master Scenario Events List Tool (MSEL Tool), an internet accessible system for developing exercise scripts. All technology is backed up and supported by our expert professional services team.

Our exceptional response training program will be tailored to meet your objectives and maximize the return on your investment while satisfying all government requirements and homeland security regulations.

  • Scalable: ATS technology can be used to train one individual or to train multiple organizations participating in one exercise. You determine the scale and objectives for training exercises.
  • Cost-effective: ATS understands budget constraints. You never have to make a choice between superior quality training and managing costs with our technology. You get state-of-the-art training tools and support without breaking your budget.
  • Productive: So you can continually improve training outcomes, our technology provides focused empirical data for post-exercise analysis and use in the After Action Report and in improvement recommendations.

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Incident Communications Directory Service (new)

As an event develops and authority is transferred to increasingly higher levels of the National Response Framework, communication protocols shift. ATS can maintain your incident communications directory in compliance with any applicable federal requirements. All levels of the directory, from local to federal, will be regularly confirmed and updated.

Flexibility, Cost Savings & Increased Readiness

ATS products dramatically improve your readiness capabilities and significantly reduce costs at the same time. How do we do this? ATS leverages your emergency preparedness resources and maximizes your ability to effectively respond to events through the combination of our leading edge, simulation-enhanced training technology and our pro consultants whose credentials and experience are unsurpassed. Our comprehensive suite of products and professional support is completely customizable in scale, scope and number of live participants to meet your particular operational and budgetary goals. This allows your company tremendous flexibility in planning and training for a multitude of simple or complex incidents.

By replacing expensive live role-players with simulation, all elements of the National Response Framework are available for training exercises, cutting exercise prep time and costs decidedly. From enhanced tabletop demonstrations to full-scale event simulations with live participants; from a local plant incident to a federal disaster or threat involving all levels of first-responders, government command centers, associated military and local and state-based industry organizations; from one live participant to many, all scenarios and necessary simulated players are available in real time to laser-focus on your specific planning and training objectives. In this way, organizations can, for example, plan and train a handful of decision-makers to respond to a full-scale event in coordination with thousands of individuals and multiple command centers for a greatly reduced investment of time and money, and with pinpoint results. At the conclusion of an exercise, systems provide a wealth of empirical data to be used for after-action reports and analysis, and improvements in existing incident response plans.

Our experts have deep experience at all tiers of the NRF hierarchy and are true leaders in the field. We are involved in the process of scenario development at the highest levels, so we know from the inside how military and state emergency response entities will respond in major scenarios, variations thereof, and even those involving the latest emerging threats. This uncommon knowledge is invaluable to any company whose goal is to design seamless, comprehensive plans that will mesh with all stakeholders involved in a response.

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ATS Professional Services for the Government Sector Simulation-Enhanced All Hazards Exercises

ATS offers a wide variety of expert capabilities that make our EDMSIM-based exercises of unique value to the civilian government agencies and organizations.

Before and during the simulation exercise:

After a simulation exercise:

Improvement Plan Process: In order to help our clients improve future exercises, we maintain a database containing all information recorded during each exercise. The ATS experts are available to assist the client with data analysis and the development of an After Action Report and an Improvement Plan.

Incident Command Directory Service: Our new Incident Command Directory maintenance service can keep you up-to-date and compliant, simplifying a complicated process and ensuring your company’s readiness.

Specialized Training Options

Refresher Training

The ATS suite of technology tools makes refresher training easy and effective. Run it annually or as often as you wish, to support your emergency response goals. For instance, clients might employ refresher training once per year in anticipation of hurricane season. ATS updates the simulation for your exercise with changes that have occurred since the last run and any changes you would like make to the event. You may wish to upgrade your training incident from a CAT-1 hurricane to a CAT-3, for example. Or you may have modified your physical plant recently. All will be enfolded into your refresher training simulation.

Post-Classroom Training

After completing classroom work, give your personnel an opportunity to apply their new knowledge in a real world environment. Run practice exercises and test staff for competency in newly learned material with our post-classroom training tool. Hands-on experience promotes the high confidence and proficiency necessary for effective crisis response.

"Just-in–time" Training

Our "Just-in-time" training can be customized very quickly for developing events. Your contract teams will learn command structure, operational processes and procedures, and ground zero topology among other things, so that they are familiar with the disaster area and functional immediately upon arrival. Everything your groups need to know in order to hit the ground running can be absorbed by personnel before they enter the action. You can further increase the speed of "just-in-time" training by making it available to individuals online at home locations or assembly areas. This makes the operational integration of diverse teams from varied locations quick and easy.