Disaster Management Simulation & Media Emulation Software (DMS-MES) and Modeling and Simulation (M&S) Support - FA2517-16-D-9000

The NORAD-USNORTHCOM/J7, Joint Training and Exercises office (Customer) published a Performance Work Statement (PWS) to provide off-the-shelf and customizable disaster management modeling and simulation (M&S) support for exercises, experiments and training events conducted by HQ N-NC, its Components and Subordinates, the National Guard Bureau, in conjunction with training and exercise partners in other Federal Departments and Agencies, States, Tribal Authorities, non-Government organizations, faith-based organizations, the Private Sector, and Partner Nations.

Software applications include a disaster management simulation application and any related components, and a media emulator application interface capable of operating independently of the disaster management simulation or as a fully integrated function with the disaster management application. Exercises supported under this contract may employ the disaster management simulation or media emulator alone, disaster management in parallel with the media emulator, or disaster management and media emulation as an integrated capability.

Mission Training Complex Capabilities Support (MTCCS) - W900KK-18-D-0004

The MTCCS conctract provides support to include individual through collective MC training, support to mission rehearsal exercises, staff planning, leader training/development, live simulations, virtual simulations, constructive simulations, Gaming-based simulations, database preparation and maintenance; scenario creation; Contractor controller training and functions; exercise controller training; simulations/simulators operation; installation and maintenance of communications lines, circuits, and equipment, network and system administration on simulations network, NIPR and SIPR Local Area Networks (LAN), functional area research; facilities support, event scheduling, security and organizational support (including records keeping, usage reporting, SOP updates, etc.) and access control.