Consequence Management Staff Trainer (CMST)

What is CMST?

CMST is a simple-to-use, interactive, web-based exercise platform used by commercial, government and military organizations to prepare for a wide range of natural and man-made emergency situations. From the lower cost to round-the-clock accessibility, CMST benefits its users in a multitude of areas. It is HSEEP and NIMS compliant, providing nine standard scenarios:

  • Hurricane
  • Flood
  • Tornado
  • Earthquake
  • Building Collapse
  • Pandemic Influenza
  • Wildfire
  • Nuclear Interdiction
  • Civil Unrest

Every standard scenario can be customized to meet your training, testing and planning objectives.

What does CMST offer?

CMST provides a high level of realism, forcing players to test their decision-making skills in a “live” disaster environment. A built-in tutorial reduces costs and ensures seamless functionality. CMST generates a confidential After Action Review for each individual player. The AAR identifies significant segments of the exercise and how the participant responded during each of them. Facilitators can use this report to assess an individual’s proficiency in his or her assigned duties, recommending further training if necessary.

What makes CMST unique?

Because CMST uses a web-based interface, there is no software installation required. Participants simply log in and begin the exercise as an individual, as part of a staff section, or in coordination with other organizations. Users can progressively expand the scope of the exercise into multi-shift or even multi-day operations. Players can see a timeline progression and exercises can be paused or fast-forwarded as needed.

The Benefits of ATSSIM:

CMST’s benefits include:

  • The ability to customize standard scenarios to your organization’s specifications
  • The capability for decision-makers and staff to train together
  • Enhanced communication between internal and external teams
  • Cost-effective training, planning and testing of response plans
  • The opportunity to train personnel, assess performance, and improve techniques and procedures in a “high-pressure,” yet completely risk-free environment
  • The ability to customize and use proprietary procedure documents to evaluate trainees.

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